How East Lancashire Vehicle Solutions drove Business results with Carstoreclub

Dave Edmondson, the owner of East Lancashire, very kindly answered a few questions for us about his business and working with CarStoreClub.

“Of all the leads I have paid for I would estimate 40-50% have taken storage out with us for varying lengths of time... delivering a good ROI.”

Scroll down to read what else Dave had to say about his own experience of using the CarStoreClub website, purchasing the CarStoreClub lead packages and the quality of the subsequent leads he interacted with…

We have been operating since April 2022, in Darwen Lancashire. Our unit is 5000ft or indoor, clean, dehumidified and extremely secure. We also offer vehicle transport utilising our HGV transporter, tyre services, replacement punctures etc, full vehicle servicing and repairs along with valeting and detailing vehicles.

Q: We are bullish for the Car Storage industry, how would you describe your own experiences, what have been your highs and lows and what do you struggle with?

Experiences in the current economic climate and push for electric vehicles have seen what I believe to be an uplift in people requiring classic and prestige storage facilities for their vehicles. Indeed, that is how the business was established. I also have a wedding car company and couldn’t find suitable, clean storage for our vehicles in the area. The main struggles are providing a facility at a price most customers can afford. The first 3-4 months of business were extremely hard to get the word out there and get customers through the door.

Q: How do you go about new business, what are your primary techniques to fill your space?

Our go to approach for marketing is through Google search and other social channels

Q: When did you first get wind of Cars Store Club?

We discovered Car Store Club as we were looking for different ways to create more demand and find new leads. are also advertising on Google, so we discovered them there.

Q: What first attracted you to the concept of Carstoreclub, how did you settle on testing us?

The concept was good and seemed to have leads for people requiring storage so made sense to us to try them.

Q: How have you found the process of using

The process early on was more frustrating as numerous leads were there but many of the contact details were incorrect meaning the cost of the lead was wasted as there was no way you could contact them. Carstoreclub listened to feedback and continued to work on functionality and make sure all leads were double verified. There are now lots of people who have now had to verify that they are actually looking for storage and not just window shopping.

Q: Would you say that across the time you have worked with us you have recouped all the costs of buying the leads? Of all the leads I have paid for I would estimate 40-50% have taken storage out with us for varying lengths of time and so delivering a good ROI.

Q: Having worked with us for a while now, what other improvements would you like to see?

I think the main one would be to sort leads into nearest to me; as some are coming through from over 50 miles away

Q: Most importantly, would you recommend CarStoreClub to other car storage facilities?

Yes. It is a good platform for storage facilities and now improvements have been made it is more financially worthwhile .